Scripture:  Amos 8:1-12
Sermon:  “The Trail to Prosperity”
Call to Worship:

They are hidden from us—hungry children who sit by the road
each day in an isolated village, waiting for their teacher to
They thirst for knowledge, and they hunger for the meal she
brings each day, a meal of rice and beans.
They are hidden from us—farmers of the developing world who
cannot sell their crops.
They watch while corporations import foreign corn and sell it,
cheaper than the local produce, to their neighbors.
They are hidden from us—women who work in sweatshops in
the cities, sending money home to feed their families.
Their own children wait, in rural villages, hoping their mothers
can soon come home.
They are hidden from us by thick walls of prosperity, by high
fences of prejudice, by chasms of indifference, by great shadows
of injustice.
Open our eyes, God, we want to see Jesus! Open our eyes to
people who are poor and oppressed, and heal us of our
blindness that makes them seem hidden. Then we will see
our brothers and sisters; we will see our Lord.

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